SUN Bucks
SUN Bucks

SUN Bucks: A new food assistance program for school children.

Starting this summer, families that qualify can expect to receive $120 per eligible child in grocery-buying benefits on a debit-like card. These benefits can be used to purchase food at retailers that accept EBT, including most major grocery stores. Visit the SUN Bucks webpage at to learn more.

Common Instructional Framework

A fundamental feature of instruction at Greene Early College is centered in our use of the Common Instructional Framework. These strategies, promoted by the NC New Schools Project, guide our daily learning and are centered on student growth and achievement.

  • Collaborative Groups: Our students work in learning teams to solve real-world problems.
  • Scaffolding: Our teachers raise up student learning, allowing students to then stand on their own.
  • Literature Circles: Whether it's novels or non-fiction, poetry or technical, reading is a daily priority at GEC.
  • Questioning: We ask deep questions and reflect on our work.
  • Classroom Talk: Discussion is a central facet of our collaborative classrooms, and students are encouraged to contribute ideas and opinions.
  • Writing to Learn: From short responses to essays, we encourage writing on a daily basis.

At the core of our instruction is the commitment that students will Read, Write, Think, and Speak in Every Class, Every Day!